Every day we wake up to the fact that more than 250 million lives are part of our family called LIC.

We are humbled by the magnitude of the responsibility we carry and realise the lives that are associated with us are very valuable indeed.

Though this journey started over six decades ago, we are still conscious of the fact that, while insurance may be a business for us, being part of millions of lives every day for the past 61 years has been a process called TRUST.

A true saga Of Trust.

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India

  • ✓ LIC is the No. 1 brand in service sector and 240 million + lives are part of LIC of India.
  • ✓ LIC is the biggest life insurer in the world.
  • ✓ Best infrastructure – 2048 LIC branches (fully computerized) 1275 satellite offices, more than 1.16 lac employees and 11.72 lac agents.
  • ✓ LIC policy for all segment.
  • ✓ Transparency operations.
  • ✓ Best practices in the industry.
  • ✓ Excellent claim settlement ratio.
  • ✓ Sovereign guarantee to customers.


  • ✓ Country's largest insurer Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has paid Rs 1,436.38 cr to the Government of India as dividend for 2012-13.
  • ✓ LIC had declared a valuation surplus of Rs 27,291.22 crore for the financial year ending 2013.
  • ✓ LIC has received a total premium income of Rs 208589.72 crore as against Rs 202802.90 crore in the previous showing a growth rate of 11.90 per cent.
  • ✓ The total life fund of LIC stood at Rs 1433103.14 crore as against Rs 1283990.72 crore in the previous year. The total assets of the company rose to Rs 1560481.84 crore from Rs 1417891.79crore in the previous year.
  • ✓ During 2012-13, LIC settled more than 1.89 crore claims for an aggregate amount of over Rs7222.90 crore.